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30 May 1982
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Who knows what will become of these distant graveyards, written in forgotten languages, amassed in digital cobwebs? The first-commenters of yore shall pass into memory, and then to myth, and then legend, and henceforth forgotten... for what? For ships passing in fog... for the whistles of trains passing, screaming, steaming: "THIS STOP NOW INACTIVE".

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How to not hate the world so much:

There are two things in this world, Truth, and lies. Everything starts with what it is, what is real, and this truth is what makes the world so beautiful. The lies are what hides this truth from us, makes it difficult for us to see the beauty in which we live; it disillusions us. Lie begets lie, and it grows and propagates over the world like tire grease.
All we have to realize is while all this muck looks sickening, it is still, beneath it all, a lie. In other words, it isn't real. We can be sad for those that hurt others because they can't see through to what is real, and we can strive to stop those who are beyond help, but ultimately we know that what is real is that divine, ancient, simple beauty, and any and all evil is this big web of nothing built up around people's sad confusion. Think of any wrong this way, find the lies that led to its occurrence, and you will weep for those you used to hate, and you will find yourself filled up to bursting with the simple reality of the world around you.

Yeah. Just some guy with a beat in his head.

I should change this journal's name to, "A list of people I feel sorry for and why they shouldn't be afraid."
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